Next event: Wednesday February 17th GGD #48 Susanne Klein from HP Labs talk on ‘The colour of glass’

Susanne Klein holds a Diploma in Physics and a PhD in Medical Physics from the University of Saarland. Since 1995 she has worked and lived in the UK, first as a Royal Society Research  Assistant at the University of Bristol and then as a member of HP Labs. She has worked on colloidal liquid crystals, colloids in liquid crystals and new materials for 3D printing and is now working on optical cryptography.












‘The colour of glass’

3D-printing, along with other additive manufacturing (AM) and rapid prototyping (RP) techniques, involves building up structures in a layer-by-layer fashion based upon a computer design file.  Such techniques are well-suited to the production of one-off, complex structures that would often be difficult to produce using traditional manufacturing methods.  There has been rapid growth and interest in this field during recent years, and a range of techniques are now available which make use of many common materials such as plastic, metal, wood and ceramic. However, relatively little has been done to develop AM using glass.

Since glass was first made, thousands of years ago in Mesopotamia, it has been appreciated because of its vibrant colours. To allow a successful design and print of any glass object, these colours have to be captured and classified in such a way that they can be incorporated in the CAD design of the object and lead to the desired result in the print. The colours of architectural glass are often classified by RAL charts  or by BS4800:2100 colour codes. Both colour classification systems have been developed for paints and coatings, but are a good first approximation. What they cannot capture is, for example, that some glasses display different colours in reflection and transmission and/or the colour change occurring in glass when it is reheated. In 3D printed glass, gas inclusions are another source of colour changes. Scattering at the air/ gas interface leads to the addition of white to the underlying glass colour.

Using the CIE chromaticity coordinates, glass samples are characterized before and after processing. We used two different measurement methods to determine colour coordinates as a function of sample thickness and frit size to check how robust the results were as a function of the measurement method.



After Suzannes presentation and any questions we will open the floor up for a discussion,  if anyone feels like they would like to bring along any ppt’s or links that they want to share for discussion then please bring it along on a USB or mail the team with info and we can share this during the discussion period.  Don’t forget – you don’t have to work in the industry or be a geek, this is a group for anyone with an interest in the subject!

Please sign up on our meetup page here MEETUP

Do come along for pre-presentation mingling as we will be there from 6.30pm. As always, we welcome men to our group, but to keep our audience predominantly female, we ask that all men are accompanied by a woman (just add a +1 on the meetup).

The food and hosting is kindly sponsored by regular GGD supporters HP, there is free parking and feel free to mail or comment on the meetup if you need a lift.

Directions to HP Lab:

GGD #47 Talking Grrrl Games

Constance Fleuriot & Claire Morley will be talking about Bristol’s very own Grrrl Games, a meetup for Women working in Games, or who want to get into the Games industry. GrrrlGamesLogoConstance is a regular Girl Geek DInner attendee who set up Grrrl Games to encourage more women to get involved with places like Bristol Games Hub.

Claire has been involved with Grrrl Games since it started, taught herself coding by creating an adventure game, and will showcase some of her latest projects.


We are hosted by ADP for this evening, a leading payroll, time and attendance, and HR service provider. ADP are very new to Bristol and handily located in Temple Back near the centre & Temple Meads.

Sign up on our meetup page so we have an idea of numbers. There may be pizza or somesuch and non-alcoholic refreshment.

Next event: Wednesday October 15, 2015 GGD #45 Girl Geeks ExtraOrdinary General meeting

This month we have decided to call an Extra Ordinary General meeting, its extra ordinary not because its not aligned with our normal general meeting but because we generally do not hold a general meeting.

This event is kindly hosted by The Bristol SETsquared Centre which is at Temple Meads – attached to the UK’s most connected transport hub, Bristol Temple Meads Station, at the centre of the Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone, just a few minutes walk from the city centre Bristol at 7pm.

In the last meeting we did a call out to see if any of our members would be interested in getting more involved and there was a surprising show of interest which was great to see. Rather than let this enthusiasm go to waste we have decided to invite members to attend this meeting to discuss further not only any help they wish to offer but also do a general call on what people want from the group and where they see it heading or wish it to move forward into the future.
The group has been running since 2010 and is one of the most active GGD’s in the south west we believe – this has been down to downright doggedness in many cases and largely thanks to Ali who was one of the founding members and also other enthusiastic co-organisors such as Maria, Serrie and Claire as well as many others. We believe in the group and find it heart-warming that we have had such a positive and collaborative relationship within the group and indeed with our sponsors. The group has become very well known within the community and we are often approach by industry to either advertise ourselves or support tech based initiatives, as many of you will know from our busy facebook page.
Some of the things that we would like to consider moving forward are below – we would like you to join the meeting to give us your views and hear your voice on these and suggestions on anything else we might be involved with. We also believe that by building a bigger central support committee all with less responsibilities we will be better able to serve the group as a whole. Obviously we are keeping with the general ethos that we are aware how busy people are and as such will not be pushing anyone outside of their boundaries of either comfort or time limitations.
We are not the only tech group in Bristol and plenty of times we are clashing on dates which affects our participation we propose therefore some of the following:
These are some of the groups we are aware of
Urbanistas, Women who code, Women in engineering, Women in technology,
Women in Biz, Women outside the box, ladies that ux, grrrlgames
We would like to add any others members may be aware of
Plan is to contact them and propose the following:
A shared yearly meetup to present the groups and their activities and hopefully increase participation
A Shared calender- proposed Google calender as its version controlled
Possibly a central site for ‘Bristol Women in Tech Hub’ to share info and initiatives across the groups
Some of the initiatives who are looking for involvement are:
STEM (we know some of you are already involved)
Digimakers – HBB
Codeclub is the current mayoral initiative and they want us to get more women involved
We would like to be made aware of any others
Finally we are looking at any other initiatives that members wish to throw into the ring, some possibilities:
Merchandising – to spread the word and also to allow fellow girlgeekers a chance to talk to each other at conferences (badges was the thinking here)
Conferences – possibly extend the shared yearly meetup with the other groups to invite in industry and publicize ourselves
Blogging – Techspark have approached us to do regular girl geek blogs – any thoughts on this?

The meeting will be held in the engine shed and SetSquared and is kindly sponsoring us this for the space. If we do food then we will need to use their caterers and we have no current sponsor for this – but we (Claire and Serrie) are willing to get some between us once we know numbers.
So please pop along and either just listen in or have your voice so we can move forward in a direction that we all want – for newbies we will also present a bit about the group so you can understand a bit about us also.
Please sign up on our meetup page…/events/225801917/