GGD #69 Technology needs talking

Emily Perkins

Emily is OggaDoon’s Creative Content Manager, specialising in creative copy, branding, and process.​

With almost a decade of writing experience, she has a History and English degree along with a Masters from the University of York. Her passions are authentic stories which demand to be told, influencing through the written and spoken word, and engaging directly through social media.

Talk: I’ll chat about the need for communications in any industry, why technology is naturally bad at it, why women in technology are often overlooked, and quick easy communication wins that we can all engage with as individuals and companies. I’ll also be sharing some examples from within the industry which should hopefully make things clear


Thursday 20th September 2018 – 6.30/7  – 9pm

Doors open at 18:30 talks start around 7pm


This meetup is kindly sponsored  by Gresham Computing who are promising us friska food 🙂

They are based on the 2nd Floor, The Brew House Jacob Street · Bristol (its the opposite side of the road to Desklodge and next to pip n’jays church)

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As always, we welcome men to our group, but to keep our audience predominantly female, we ask that all men are accompanied by a woman (just add a +1 on the meetup) here Bristol Girl Geek Dinners

GGD WSM #01: Oh we do like to be becider seaside ….

Weston Super Mare GGD New Chapter

We are setting up a Girl Geek Dinners group in Weston Super Mare.  While we try it out for size we are going to use the Bristol GGD site to host as we are also aware that we have some members who work in Bristol but reside by the beach (lucky you!) and would like something closer to home to network.

We would like to announce that finally we believe we may have spotted enough women either in tech or interested in the subject to justify setting up a GirlGeekDinners WSM chapter!

The Stable will be hosting the first one on the 4th October.  If you don’t know the place then it’s certainly time you paid a visit – it’s a great coworking space. The Heritage cafe next door is run by businesswoman and powerhouse performer Sarah Evans (the UK’s number one Adele tribute act, no less). It’s also round the corner from the beach and from vegetarian cafe.  Loves, run by Anna Southwell, a woman with her finger in many artistic, musical and cultural pies. They also sell halloumi chips. What’s not to love about The Stable and surrounds!

This is for all women (and men by invite) that are tech curious.  We can demystify the tech world for you and you can see what great fun it is as an industry to work in or simply make use of if its social media for tourism etc or for the tech converted wanting to geek out with others!

For this starter we plan to supply you with some cider and food kindly sponsored by Oracle and to introduce ourselves and some other women that you should get to know.

Kerry O’Neill is the Manager at The Stable Creative Hub

Weston-super-Mare’s first coworking and private office space for the digital, tech and creative industries. Kerry will be at GGD to overview The Stable and to answer any questions you might have about it. Kerry has an MSc in Tourism and a post-grad diploma in digital marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing. She’s worked in adventure, expeditions, cycling, wine and travel writing, comms, copywriting, media, marketing, catering, farming (!) and sales to name a few and has co-written a dozen travel books. Kerry is essentially a writer and a communications and community manager who refuses to say she works in tech (but who admits to knowing her way around WordPress and a few other easy-to-use technologies…the ones her iPhone 4 will support, anyway).




Serrie-justine Chapman is a co-founder of Women’s Tech Hub (WTH)

Supporting women in the tech sector (and those wanting to get in), Serrie co-organisor of the Bristol & the Bath Girlgeekdinners meetups and of Women Tech Founders (WTF ~ Bristol).  She recently set up Women’s Tech Jobs (WTJ) to help with careers advice, training support and helping get women into Tech or to return from a career break.   She previously worked as a verification engineer in pre-silicon verification, requirements manager, Safety accredited in ISO26262, product manager and Model based systems engineer.

Serrie will give an intro to GGD and what it’s all about and give a brief overview on WTH, WTF and WTJ and how they can support women either in tech, starting up, returning from a career break or wanting to move into the industry.

Marina Traversari   Bristol Programme Manager  Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator 

Marina serves as the Programme Manager for the Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator program in Bristol, part of the Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem.  She has a wealth of programme management across various disciplines, including innovative startup projects, multimedia, film, television and politics. She has produced her own Ed Tech applications, exhibited at BETT at ExCel, taken part in NESTA Futurelab Design Challenge and exhibited her work at Submerge, an audio-visual tech/arts expo.

Marina is inspired and passionate about the tech scene in the Southwest region of the UK, including the collaboration and innovation that’s coming out of the region, particularly around Big Data, Blockchain, Cloud Adoption, Machine Learning & AI and IoT / Smart Cities. She is excited about helping to develop and promote technologies that make our lives easier and more enriching or that use tech to make the arts more accessible.

With a proven track record in managing relationships and partnerships, breaking down social barriers and championing equality and diversity, combined with a passion for using technology for improving people’s lives, Marina is looking forward to helping Bristol and the UK grow startup technology and help impact the wider global technology ecosystem through Oracle’s startup program.

She has been a visiting lecturer at Bath Spa University, is an Advisory Board member of the YMCA, has delivered multimedia educational programmes and represented Bristol at various European events.

Marina has credits under her belt from BBC, ITV, National Geographic and Discovery as Production Manager/Producer.  She curated Mini Masterpieces for three years at Encounters International Film Festival, managed UK Film Council talent development scheme and is passionate about creating great content and promoting opportunities that everyone can gain from.

OSCA Bristol website: startup 

OSCA Twitter handle: @OracleSCA

Angela Hicks  North Somerset Enterprise Agency & The Hive

Angela has overseen North Somerset Enterprise Agency’s involvement in more than 3,500 business start ups across more than two decades. She drove the creation of the Hive business centre in Weston-super-Mare.

She will be presenting on the North Somerset Cyber Security Cluster in the area which aims to educate and inform small and medium sized enterprises in North Somerset on Cyber Hygiene and Compliance.

Angela also seeks to bring together web and cyber related businesses based in the North Somerset area to foster collaboration, networking and best practice and to promote North Somerset as a great place to be a company within the cyber sector, and to do business online; feeding into wider North Somerset economic strategy around investment agenda, job creation and skills growth.





Thursday, October 4, 2018

Doors open at 18:30 talks start around 18.45pm


This meetup is kindly sponsored by the Oracle startup cloud accelerator & the Stable Creative Hub

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As always, we welcome men to our group, but to keep our audience predominantly female, we ask that all men are accompanied by a woman (just add a +1 on the meetup) here Bristol Girl Geek Dinners

Schools out for Summer

Summer picture

Finally made it to the Summer break and we are joining you.

We will start back up in September with a talk sponsored by Gresham Technologies

October is sponsored by  Xmos

November is sponsored by Reach Robotics

Details on talk will be announced on here and on our other social media closer to the time as always.

We would like to thank you all as ever for being there for us – giving up your time  to speak, our sponsors for their support and our members for turning out to support us regardless of the weather.  Its our members and supporters that really make it worth our time so Big Thanks to you all and hope to see you all back after a lovely summer break.

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