GGD #59 An introduction to Womens Tech hub ~ Bristol

Great news!! – Bristol girlgeekdinners has just had an invitation to be sponsored by Bloomberg at the ACCU event at the Marriot on Wednesday 26th April. Due to the short timescale to get a speaker we have decided to do a formal presentation from the Womens Tech hub ~ Bristol.
We’ve been expanding quickly and believe this will be a great opportunity to explain who we all are to the Womens tech group, what we have been doing, what we have in the planning and what our long term goals are.
We would also appreciate your input and ideas as we’ve set it up to support the women tech groups as well as the individual members within them.
We hope to see you there – please bring along any male colleagues to this one that may be interested in support etc as womens tech hub is about also speaking to the tech industry to improve diversity.

Find thebasic  event details on the girlgeekdinners meetup (women only) or the womens tech hub meetup (gender neutral)

We will update the event with full details once we have set it up – for womens tech hub details email us if you have any questions or suggestions on


Next meeting and also Womens Tech Hub Diversity? event announced

Hi All
We are taking an easter break next month but have pencilled in a date with scottlogic for the month after. They are being Uber supportive about getting women back into tech and are really great sponsors. We will find some suitable candidates for speaking – the last two were brilliant and it was a really fun event so we are sure this one will be too.
We will let you know more when we get the details
Many thanks for all your continued support for the groups
Constance and Serrie
to sign up (you need to join but its free)
and …..
Womens Tech Hub ~ Bristol have announced a Diversity event on 24th June at the watershed in Bristol – see the holding page here …

GGD#58 GGD Introduction to Salesforce for Developers with women who code by Edith Valencia Martinez

Our March joint Girl Geek Dinner with ‘women who code’ is hosted by Desklodge

Wednesday March 8th

We have been a bit remiss and mislaid our march sponsor – therefore as Rebeb has agreed to restart the ‘women who code’ group, which is great news, we have decided to join forces.  We know its not a lot of notice but feel its a great opportunity to support them.  We are aware that many of you are not coders but theres no test so come along and try out your skills if not, salesforce is a great and popular tool, you can always just watch and ask questions in the second part!

Join up on women who code if you are a member – if not then please join up here and we will coordinate the numbers.

Heres the info:

Have you ever wondered what Salesforce is about?

Are you curious about developing in the cloud?

Then join us in this session and you will have the opportunity to learn about Salesforce platform.

The session will be divided in two parts.

In the first part we will review the basic concepts of Salesforce and we will find out how to create a fully functional application from scratch.

In the second part you will create your own organisation and you will have the opportunity to develop in the cloud.

Note: Please bring a computer, so that you can create your organisation and practice.

About the speaker:

Edith Valencia Martinez is an applications developer at Desynit, Bristol. She has more than ten years of technical expertise in software development, software architectures and agile methodologies. She holds a Master’s degree in Software Engineering from the University of York.

After several years of developing in Java, Edith has recently started developing in the Salesforce platform.


This is kindly being hosted by Desklodge Bristol – 5th Floor, 1 Temple Way, Bristol BS2 0BY,



Wednesday 8th  February 6.30/7  – 9pm

Sign Up

As always, we welcome men to our group, but to keep our audience predominantly female, we ask that all men are accompanied by a woman (just add a +1 on the meetup) here Girlgeekdinners Meetup

**As this is a joint event we reserve the rights to follow womens code club rules so  if they prefer to be women only on this occasion we will let any male attendees know.

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